Sharjah Al Taawun Shopping Mall The Emirates premiere shopping and leisure destination awaits you! Whether it is shopping for hi-fashion brands, a ride on the roller coaster, or lunch with family and friends, Sharjah Al Taawun Shopping Mall has something for everyone to enjoy time and again.


The emirates of Sharjah is characterized by vivacious sprite that come into the horizons of continuous modernization, growth and assimilation of the essence of current civilization and endeavors towards attaining the superlative standards.

Sharjah has made significant achievements in different development field. Currently , enormous stride are being made to further boost its infrastructure base, and raise the rate of growth in different production and service sectors.

In this strategic plan, high priority is given to the tourist industry sector: hence this sector to continues to blossom and to generate remarkable profits for both public and private sectors

Al Taawun Shopping Mall has been established to further enrich the comprehensive tourism movement, forming an attractive and delightful tourist site. It is a one-of-a-kind shopping mall ultra-modern, an architectural beauty, with more to do there merely shop.

The distinct location of Al Taawun Shopping Mall on Dubai-Sharjah main highway and looking Al Khan and Al Mumzar Northern lagoons forms a unique and modern landmarks feature.

Al Taawun Mall is owner by the Government of Sharjah ( Awqaf Department), financed by Islamic Development Bank.

Various new project are being implemented, adding an elegant pleasant outlook to this area.

This huge economic project has been executed with the unified efforts of experts, to b a major tourist destinations providing visitors joy, happiness and a delightfully shopping atmosphere. Al Taawun Mall intends to give the visitors fun and recreation with activities for all age groups.

Al Taawun mall stands as a great fort rising 23.5 meters high, located at the center of Al Taawun Road, opposite Al Ittihad street making it easily accessible to visitors and tourists.